The 12-Acre Classroom!

Middle School

Our middle school enrolls students in grades seventh and eighth grade. This program is based on the model developed by The School of the Woods in Houston, TX, and incorporates the core elements of the Montessori philosophy as well as the latest findings in early adolescent development and learning.

Early adolescents are in the process of reorganizing their minds and figuring out who they are in relation to the world around them. A small, close-knit community where it is safe to try, fail, and succeed is an ideal place for these students. The intent of this program is to facilitate this process, providing feedback and reflection while exposing the student to new ideas, concepts, people, questions, problems, solutions, and the idea that they are parts of multiple interconnected systems. In short, we build awareness.

Our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards and is approved by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. It is designed to facilitate a smooth transition into public or other high schools. Students take the state standardized tests and are offered the opportunity to take the required exams for high school graduation in Washington State.


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