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Upper Elementary
Grades 4 - 6

Program Overview

Upper Elementary continues the practice of supporting independent, self-motivated, and self-aware learners. Most lessons are given to the whole group and class work revolves around integrated projects. Students work at their level while exploring a three year curriculum.


The Montessori Upper Elementary curriculum is robust and thoughtful. It repeatedly puts the learning of specific skills and information into a greater context, building on student desires to see how what they know relates to the rest of the world. CRMS has aligned both lower and upper elementary curriculum to the Common Core State Standards in Language and Math and fines that we address all of the skills and knowledge at or before expectations for any particular grade level.

An important piece of the program is a week-long trip the class takes in the spring to one of three immersive out-door learning experiences in Puget Sound area. For many students, this is the first time they have been away from home and parents for an extended period of time. This promotes independence, community, and a deep level of satisfaction in the students with what they accomplish and learn.


Upper Elementary follows a similar schedule to Lower Elementary with the morning reserved for group lessons and individual work time guided by a teacher and assistant. Afternoons are generally filled with PE or Spanish lessons, special projects, working with other classrooms, or time in the garden or kitchen..

2014-2015 Tuition and Fees

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