The 12-Acre Classroom!



girl gardeningThe CRMS campus is a 12-acre campus nestled between the Cedar River and the Renton highlands. This offers us a rare opportunity to be both easily accessible as well as tucked in a beautiful environment with an ability to connect our indoor classrooms to the outside world.

  • Our Children’s Garden is where we grow fruits and vegetables to teach the entire food cycle.
  • Our Butterfly Garden attracts hummingbirds, mason bees, and, yes, butterflies to the space outside our Early Childhood classrooms to hook students into investigating the natural world.
  • Our Peace Garden give students a space to sit in silence so that they can better listen to their own voice.
  • Our pool provides a place for summer lessons in swimming and, weather permitting, a month of PE for the elementary classes.
  • Our playground has a creek running through it.


Or animals provide a variety of learning opportunities from caring for other living things to working with natural fibers. We also have numerous deer, rabbits, raccoons, eagles, and other visitors to our campus. Our current collection includes a cat, a llama, an alpaca, two goats, two sheep, a turtle, and numerous fish and walking sticks. Our Upper Elementary raise salmon from Issaquah Salmon Hatchery eggs to release in the Cedar River each spring.

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