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Annual Fund

Dear Cedar River Montessori Friends, Families, and Alumni:

Cedar River Montessori has provided impactful, life changing education to thousands of students over the past 37 years. Montessori education has been producing independent thinkers for more than one century, and its relevance is made all the more apparent in today’s world and political climate. We are proud to provide an education that empowers our graduates to confidently navigate and positively affect the world around them.

Each day at Cedar River Montessori, our students benefit from:

A culture of respect, cultural vibrancy, and social responsibility. Respect for one another’s similarities and differences are imperative for understanding and appreciating humankind, and promoting a practice of peace. The cultural diversity of our community brings a richness of experiences and celebrations to our classrooms. Students learn that we all share fundamental human needs that define both modern and ancient civilizations through spirituality, cultural celebrations, and the arts.

A culture of independent thinking. Our students create their own connections and solve their own problems daily instead of memorizing the thinking of others. This independent thinking gives our graduates the capacity to extend their knowledge to new contexts.

A culture of resilience. With growth and exploration will inevitably come setbacks and failures. Our students learn how to identify and utilize their resources in order to persevere and ensure personal success.

A culture of rich, experiential learning. Our students create transformative connections through hands-on experiences with academics, peers, teachers, and the natural world in our 12-acre classroom.

A culture of empathy, support, and empowerment. Students are empowered to advocate for themselves and others by effectively communicating their expectations and needs. They understand their roles and responsibilities in the community as a whole, balancing their own needs with the needs of others in their community.

Your support of our annual fund helps bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of education at Cedar River Montessori, as we strive to keep tuition affordable for as many families as possible. Your gift supports our general operating costs, enabling us to retain and attract highly qualified faculty and staff, and allowing us to flexibly address priority needs as they emerge. Please go online to or print and return this form to make your gift today!

Thank you so much for your consideration, your support, and for being a part of our community at Cedar River Montessori. And thank you for affirming an education rich with experiential learning and social responsibility for the next generation of global citizens.

Melinda Woodard, Director of Advancement

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