The 12-Acre Classroom!

The 12-Acre Classroom

The CRMS campus is 12 acres, allowing us to enjoy and learn from a variety of outdoor experiences. This includes our pool, gardens, wetlands, and playground. We are across the road from the cleanest river in King County, in which we release salmon fry that we raise each year. Our students learn to feed and care for our classroom and pasture animals. We spend time outside every day, rain or shine.

A plan is underway to develop and enhance the use of our incredible campus. This includes the restoration of our wetlands, development of curriculum for the outdoors, and creation of partnerships with like-minded organizations.  Part of this plan is the pasture renovation project, Cedar River Montessori’s 2016 Fund-an-Item.  We raised the largest amount of money ever for a fund-an-item, and, with the help of cost sharing from King Conservation District, our project was on-time and on-budget.  We installed new fencing, a heavy use area, and a riparian buffer zone.  Our animals are very much enjoying their spaces, and our students have benefited from the educational opportunities this project has presented. King Conservation District created a beautiful photo essay detailing the project.

Our pasture project has also made an impact on our ecosystem.  The riparian buffer zone that was planted helps to protect the stream that runs through our playground.  Water from the hillside now makes its way into the Cedar River without contamination by our animals, thus reducinIMG_7482g the environmental impact on the salmon fry that our students raise and release each spring into the river.

As a result of our efforts, Cedar River Montessori received the Annual Conservation Landowner Award from King Conservation District in Winter 2017.  This honor could not be possible without the support of our school community, King Conservation District, and Washington Conservation Corps!


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